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AmericanRootsUK –  This tremendous album covers a broad canvas stylistically, with it’s tap root in country music but with so much more included. See more

My - Recently I was sent the SoundCloud link for Greg Trooper’s Incident On Willow Street and it’s been making me wonder why I hadn’t been following this singer songwriter earlier. see more

The Alternate Root - Greg Trooper has the lead spot in his music as singer, songwriter and stage set designer. His songs cover the who, what, where, when and how in a heartbeat, clueing the listener in, involving them into the tale with the sly wink of a sideshow barker. see more

Blues And More Again – From the first few bars of ‘All The Way To Amsterdam’, Greg Trooper conjures melodies and lyrical content that may, on a single album, define the nebulous term Americana, just as he has been doing in his 30 year career. see more 

The Song In my Head Today – Chalk up another winner for Troop. 
At first I didn’t like the pulp fiction-y cover art (see video below), but the more I listened to this album, the more I realized why it fits: because Greg Trooper is himself a storyteller par excellence. see more

Twangville –  I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that artists from Steve Earle to Billy Bragg are Trooper fans. Trooper excels at character studies, painting wonderful portraits of people living through good times and bad times. His matter-of-fact deliver – as both a singer and a songwriter – bring a sense of realism to the tales that he tells. – A rich and rewarding collection from an extraordinarily consistent singer-songwriter. see more

Country Standard Time -  Given the fact that it’s long past time Greg Trooper got due recognition as the Americana treasure he is, “Incident on Willow Street” will hopefully be the album that brings him the acclamation he clearly deserves. see more

No Depression/Hyperbolium –  Trooper adds a helping of folk and soul to the equation, giving him a range that encompasses the heart of Arthur Alexander, Willy DeVille and the Hacienda Brothers, the emotional perception of Richard Thompson, and the character-driven stories of Nashville. see more –  Incident on Willow Street is resolutely unfashionable, straightforward, devoid of bombast, the musical equivalent of a meal of meat and potatoes in an out-of-the-way greasy spoon where the grub tastes good and fills you up. see more

WYCE Music Journal –  Greg Trooper has been hailed by the likes of Steve Earle & Billy Bragg as one of the worlds greatest songwriters. see more



Incident On Willow Street

Well folks, the US release date for the new cd is set for Oct 21. We’ll be pre-releasing digitally before that. I’ll let you know when. The dates I had to cancel in Oklahoma have been rescheduled for Nov 9 and 10. We’re hoping to reschedule the Colorado dates soon.  Have a look at the tour page for all upcoming shows.

Thanks tons and looking forward,


Spring 2013

Been running around doing shows and trying to work out these new songs. The new cd is just about finished. We’re still looking for some more funds to get us over the top. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and thanks to all those who have come out to my shows. Live music doesn’t exist without you!

Onward – GT

Almost Finished

We’re getting ready to mix the new record and I must admit I’m excited by how it’s turning out. It should be ready for mastering, manufacturing and promotion by early March. To help with the cost of this project a dear friend is throwing a fundraiser in New York City on March 6th. He hopes to raise enough to pay for studio costs and promotion. I’m hoping this will help me avoid using kickstarter again as I didn’t want to knock on your doors for additional funding this time around. Of course that depends on how we do on March 6th.

That said, please come join us! The party will be Wednesday March 6 from 6pm to 9pm upstairs at The Central Bar 109 East 9th Street NYC.