RIP Matt Ranck

On May 7, 2016 my dear friend and colleague Matt Ranck was laid to rest. Matt was an excellent singer/songwriter/musician/producer. Above all he was a kind, gentle and generous human being. I met Matt at a festival I played in North Carolina many years ago. We got talking about different things one of which was running our own websites. I told him I was all thumbs when it came to such things and he immediately offered his services to help manage mine for me. It seems to support his habit as a musician he worked with computers and knew his way around the digital world. I jumped at the chance and enlisted him on the spot. From that point on Matt took care of all things “dot com” in my world. He helped set up new pages, fixed things that crashed and burned, posted my news, press and tour dates but most importantly he handled all my cd transactions on line. He would take the orders and process the credit card sales. Every month I’d receive a check in the mail for cds sold. He made the process seamless and painless.

After years of this perfect arrangement cd sales began to dwindle as digital sales increased. Also, Matt’s business was growing and the time he had to manage my website was becoming less and less. We agreed that he would help me learn to run my own site, this site, but he would still process cd sales for me. Poor Matt had to hold my hand while I took baby steps at figuring out cyber space. We finally got to a place where he could leave me on my own and that’s where it stood up until I got the dreadful news that Matts heart gave out.

Matt’s heart was the biggest I’d ever known. Never a cross word, never judgmental of others and patient patient patient with me. He loved music, he loved his friends and he adored his family. I will miss him forever. Rest In Peace my friend.