Reviews of ‘Upside-Down Town’

The Nation – Nov. 2011 “Greg Trooper sings about people for whom love is an illusion but an essential one“. Click here for entire article. – – July 2011 “One of New York’s finest singer-songwriters” – Jim Bessman   click here for article.

Backroads – June  2011

Rock and Reprise –  June 2011Trooper is the complete package. Some musicians have the music down, some have the lyrics, some have the phrasing, but few put it all together. Trooper does it all.” – Frank O. Gutch Jr.   Click here to read entire review

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange – June 2011  “…This is arguably Greg Trooper’s best.” – Bob Gottlieb    Click here for entire review

BBC Radio 2 – April 2011  “…One of the great American songwriters.”  – Bob Harris

No Deppression – Feb. 2011                                                                                                  “…the rootsy grooves and Trooper’s warm voice are spellbinding.” – Jim Morrison  Click here to read the entire review.

Sun209 – Feb. 2011
“…an impeccably written and performed album, with soul in all the right places.” – Ken Paulson
Click here to read the entire review.

Maverick Country – Mar. 2011 issue, 4 out of 5 stars.
“…‘They Call Me Hank’ is a definite contender for 2011 Song of the Year.” – Arthur Wood
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