Live At The Rock Room

The new album, Live At The Rock Room is being released TODAY June 2nd!! Be the first on your block to own one. Click on the music page and buy a physical copy or head to your favorite digital retailer (iTunes, Amazon etc.) and grab it!!


“Live At The Rock Room”

Greg Troopers excellent Live at the Rock Room fortifies deeply personal narratives with razor-sharp songwriting. – Brian T. Atkinson – Polished Steel

Reviews of “Incident”

Click on Links for reviews of “Incident On Willow Street”

AmericanRootsUK –  This tremendous album covers a broad canvas stylistically, with it’s tap root in country music but with so much more included. See more

My – Recently I was sent the SoundCloud link for Greg Trooper’s Incident On Willow Street and it’s been making me wonder why I hadn’t been following this singer songwriter earlier. see more

The Alternate Root – Greg Trooper has the lead spot in his music as singer, songwriter and stage set designer. His songs cover the who, what, where, when and how in a heartbeat, clueing the listener in, involving them into the tale with the sly wink of a sideshow barker. see more

Blues And More Again – From the first few bars of ‘All The Way To Amsterdam’, Greg Trooper conjures melodies and lyrical content that may, on a single album, define the nebulous term Americana, just as he has been doing in his 30 year career. see more 

The Song In my Head Today – Chalk up another winner for Troop. 
At first I didn’t like the pulp fiction-y cover art (see video below), but the more I listened to this album, the more I realized why it fits: because Greg Trooper is himself a storyteller par excellence. see more – A rich and rewarding collection from an extraordinarily consistent singer-songwriter. see more

Country Standard Time –  Given the fact that it’s long past time Greg Trooper got due recognition as the Americana treasure he is, “Incident on Willow Street” will hopefully be the album that brings him the acclamation he clearly deserves. see more

No Depression/Hyperbolium –  Trooper adds a helping of folk and soul to the equation, giving him a range that encompasses the heart of Arthur Alexander, Willy DeVille and the Hacienda Brothers, the emotional perception of Richard Thompson, and the character-driven stories of Nashville. see more –  Incident on Willow Street is resolutely unfashionable, straightforward, devoid of bombast, the musical equivalent of a meal of meat and potatoes in an out-of-the-way greasy spoon where the grub tastes good and fills you up. see more

WYCE Music Journal –  Greg Trooper has been hailed by the likes of Steve Earle & Billy Bragg as one of the worlds greatest songwriters. see more



Live At Pine Hill Farm

Hi Folks,

I just posted my live record from 2002 “Between A House And A Hard Place/Live At Pine Hill Farm on Noisetrade.

Eric Ambel drove down to Durham, NC  form NYC with all his gear and recorded my house concert at Pine Hill Farm. Accompanying me on guitars and mandolin is Michael McAdam. I can’t remember having more fun than we did that day. On the record are some oldies but goodies such as “Ireland”, “Biologically Blue”, Hannah”s Dreams, and “So French.” The download is free but of course you can leave a tip if so desired.

Many thanks and all the best,